Dr. Robert Kosova



Scuola di Atene

Pro tôn prothurôn tôn hautou grapsas hupèrche Platôn
Mèdeis ageômetrètos eisitô mou tèn stegèn
Toutestin, adikos mèdeis paresierchestô tèide
Isotès gar kai dikaion esti geômetria.

This site is created to help teachers and students who participate in Math Olympiads, especially Albanian students who are in great need of math materials, books, etc.
The site offers links, profiles, websites and Olympiad materials from all over the world, mostly in English, Italian and Albanian.
We are very grateful to all the followers, especially Albanian students that are using this site and we wish good luck to all of them.
Students, teachers, and math passionate from other countries, besides mathematics, will have the chance to learn and know the History of beautiful Albania and more.

AlbaniaDr. Robert Kosova
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Information Technology
Universiteti “Aleksandër Moisiu”
Durrës- Albania